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BookPOD PDF Submission Guidelines
These Guidelines are for PDF submissions for Perfect and spiral bound books. In order to facilitate the acquisition of your book and limit the delays in production, please follow the guidelines below.

Trim Size: BookPOD can facilitate most sizes between 100mm x 100mm to A4 (page count limitation in A4)

Text File PDF:

1. The text file needs to be provided to final trim size, if no images are bleeding off the page

2. If images bleed of the page the text file needs to be provided on an A4 sheet and centered to the page, with a 4mm bleed, crop marks are to be added.

3. All fonts and graphics must be embedded. And images should have a resolution of 300 dpi images less than 300 dpi might appear pixelated when printed.

4. Margins, we recommend a minimum of 5mm bleed all around and 17mm for the gutter

Cover File PDF:

1. The cover should be set on an SRA3 page (450mm x 320mm)

2. All fonts and graphics are to be embedded

3. The spine width is to be calculated using this formula:

(nb pages x 0.108)/2 = spine width in mm

This calculation is based on our standard 90gsm stock.

4. The bleed should be of at least 4mm all around

5. Text should not be within 5mm on the inside of the rim area.

6. Images and graphics should be at least 300dpi to ensure quality of the cover.

7. Crop marks should be set on the cover.

If these submission guidelines are not followed, BookPOD will not be held responsible for the quality of end product unless the quality has been compromised during the manufacturing process but not if the files provided are not to reuqirement. A set of proofs  will be provided and are to be signed and returned to BookPOD. BookPOD during its acquisition process will check the spine width and the embedded files, but not the resolution of images.

If you require any help in order to create your PDFs do not hesitate to contact us at

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