Because services such as cover design, editing, proof reading and on-line bookstore listing are so vitally important to the overall success of your book, we have partnered with others in our industry, who, like us, do what they do best.  This enables BookPOD, as your one-stop source, for all of your publishing needs.

Cover Design
BookPOD can create eye catching covers and professional type setting pages.  Our graphic designers can create covers from your ideas or you can opt to choose from our range of templates.  Our partners have considerable experience within the book trade as cover designers.

Editing and Proof-reading
We strongly recommend that you have your book professionally edited before publication.  As the author you would have spent considerable effort, time and money on your book, and your readers will notice every typo and grammatical error and this can impact your reputation and the reader will simply put your book down.

ISBN assignment
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, which is a unique 10-digit number (13 digits as of January 2007) that identifies your book throughout the world.  Identifying elements within this 10-digit number include country, language, publisher prefix and so forth.  We can arrange for allocation of ISBN for your book.

Database Listing
There are two key players, namely Neieson Book Data and Thorpe Bowker Global Books in Print, and the importance of these databases is that they provide booksellers, wholesalers and libraries information as to where they can order your book if they require a copy.   We can organise this for you as part of our packaged service.

A barcode simply represents a book’s ISBN, which can be read by an electronic barcode scanner.  The barcode is used by booksellers, publishers and libraries to manage, sell and order copies of books using software inventory and cataloguing systems.  Therefore, including a barcode on your book will make it easier for the booksellers or libraries to sell or lend your books.

Legal Deposits
Legal Deposits is a legal requirement to ensure that copies of your books are deposited in libraries in the country, which they are published.  In Australia, the Copyright Act 1968 requires that you provide a copy of any work published to the National Library of Australia and to the relevant library in the same state in which it is published.  You should provide copies of your book for legal deposit as soon as possible after publication.  BookPOD also provides this service if required (fee applicable).

Publicity Kits
BookPOD can provide promotional material to help promote your book:-

Include your book cover, your author biography and ordering information

Business Cards
You can include your book cover, one side and ordering information from BookPOD.

Include your book cover, a single-sentence description and ordering information.

Includes book cover, available Now and RRP.

You choose what you think will help you in promoting your book.

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