Because we have experience with the publishing and book trade sector we know what’s involved and the strategies that work in selling your book.  BookPOD can provide you a customised marketing plan, with a choice of services designed to help sell your book.

We have extensive experience in the book trade, and can provide you with a clear marketing plan and information on how to promote and sell your book to the trade and the public.

On-line bookstore listing
Placing your book with an on-line bookstore within Australia will enable you to direct your local customers to purchase your books.  We have partnered with others in our industry, which, like us, do what they do best.  Some of our on-line bookstore partners provide free listing and can warehouse small quantities, making them immediately available for shipping to local and overseas customers.

Data Warehousing
With your electronic files stored in our database, edits and reprint are quick and easy.

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